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Best Portable Pressure Washer – Guide and Review [2017]

Did you know that you can still do your cleaning even when you are on the go? With a portable pressure washer, it will be easy for you to clean your pet, your car and even yourself when you are out for camping or hiking. You will get here the best portable pressure washers review.

If you are at home, a portable pressure washer electric system is also effective because you can use it to water your plants and flowers, clean your house among other cleaning tasks.

Pressure washers are powered by a gas engine or electric motor pump. You need to charge the included battery so that the unit can function flawlessly.

For those people who want to get an effective pressure washer system, I have a few models that you can check. Read their reviews and hopefully, you will get a product that meets your requirements.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Portable Pressure Washer

Making the right decision on what type of pressure washer system can be difficult. If you want to make your work easier, consider the following things before you buy a pressure washer.

Types of Pressure Washers

There are majorly two types of pressure washers that you will come across. They can be gas powered or electric pressure washers. Gas powered pressure washers are portable and perfect for more industrial use. These types of pressure washers need to be used outside because they have an engine that generates carbon monoxide.

On the other hand, electric pressure washers are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. They are also quiet than gas powered pressure washers.

Hot or Cold Water Cleaning

You would also want to make a decision on whether you want a pressure washer electric that produces hot or cold water. For hot water pressure washers, they clean perfectly than cold water pressure washers. This is because they use less soap, and they remove grease effectively.

Ease of Carrying

When you are looking for a portable pressure washer electric system, you need to have a system that will offer you with easy transportation. In this case, you can consider the handles, weight and the wheels for easier portability.


What are you planning to use your pressure washer for? Do you want a system that can be used for a variety of uses? Do you want a machine that will allow you to adjust the pressure? Those are some important things that you need to consider.

Best Portable Pressure Washers

Cleaning Accessories

For effective cleaning, you will love to have a machine that that comes with different accessories. Some of the accessories that you can check include brushes, surface cleaners, pressure washer chemicals, angled wands and extension wands among others.

Other Considerations

  • You can check the price and brand of the system
  • Durability of the unit
  • The warranty
  • Presence of interchangeable nozzles

Recommended Best Portable Pressure Washers

The following reviewed pressure washer systems are worth your money. They are great units that work incredibly well, and they offer a very gentle water pressure.

1. Pure Clean Outdoor Portable Spray Pressure Washer Cleaner

Pure Clean Outdoor Portable Spray Pressure Washer Cleaner

Did you know that you can still do your cleaning even when you are on the go?

Whether you want to clean your car, yourself or your pet, the Pure Clean Outdoor Portable Spray Pressure Washer Cleaner is versatile portable pressure washer that you will enjoy using.

This unit is perfect for people who love camping, fishing, boating and cleaning pets. It is a compact model that fits in your car without spilling any water. The following are features of this pressure washer.

Built-In Rechargeable Battery

Charging this unit is a simple job. You just need to plug the charger into your vehicle's cigarette lighter for charging, add water and you are ready to start your cleaning.

Energy and Water Efficient

The pressure washer doesn't waste water when you are cleaning. It also holds power for long hence making it very reliable when you are on the go.

Waterproof Construction

Put the unit in the back of your car without worrying about the water spilling. The durable waterproof construction assures of no leaks at all when you are on the road.

Cleaning Accessories

The unit also comes with some cleaning accessories that you can use to clean your car, pet or yourself. This makes the cleaning work pretty simple for everyone.

2. Dyconn Faucet HPPWS-12V Portable Pressure Washer

Dyconn Faucet HPPWS-12V Portable Pressure Washer

A portable pressure washer with tank system is an important thing that you need to have at home.

Not only is it ideal for outdoor activities but you can also use it to clean your vehicle, home exterior cleaning and garden watering just to mention a few uses.

As compared to other traditional portable water pressure systems, you will find that this model has some advantages and advanced features that bring about an easy operation.

Lightweight Design

This is a lightweight system that is easy to carry from one point to the other depending on where you want to do your cleaning.

Power Connection

The unit comes with 9.8-foot cigarette lighter connector cable for easy power connection. You can charge the battery with ease so that it will be easy to use.

Washing Accessories

When you buy this package, you will get a wash bucket, washing accessories and 12V DC cigarette lighter connector. You will also enjoy the one year warranty that comes with the product.

Large Tank Capacity

The tank available can hold a large amount of water that will get your cleaning job done well. It has 4.2 gallons tank capacity which is big enough for a portable water pressure.

3. Ivation Electric Pressure Washer

Ivation Electric Pressure Washer

Pressure washing provides you with easy and fast cleaning.

The high pressure of water makes it easier to clean even tough spaces that you are unable to clean when cleaning normally.

With an effective pressure washing system like the ivation portable pressure washer, you can do your cleaning pretty fast and get the best results.

5 Interchangeable Nozzles

For effective cleaning on various surfaces, this model provides you with five interchangeable nozzles so that you can do a thorough cleaning on a variety of surfaces. You are free to choose the right nozzle that suits your pressure washing requirements.

Easy To Use

You do not expect to have any trouble when you are using this pressure washer. It is easy to set up in less than a minute because it has only three attachments.


There are various ways in which you can use the pressure cleaning system from Ivation. Whether you want to clean your car, home, boat, decks, driveways or RVs, this unit will always provide better results.

4. Ivation 12V Multipurpose Electric Water Sprayer Washer

Ivation 12V Multipurpose Electric Water Sprayer Washer

A portable water pressure system is an essential thing that you should have at home.

It will help you do some cleaning at home and also when you are on the go.

An efficient system like the Ivation 12V Multipurpose Electric Water Sprayer Washer is ideal for camping, cleaning your car, watering your plants or even cleaning your pet among other uses. The unit is portable, so you can take with you everywhere that you go.

Integrated 12-Volt Car Charger

To charge the battery of this unit, you just need to plug it into your car's cigarette lighter. The unit is easily portable, and you will be surprised how it will be of great help to you.

Gentle, Reliable Output Pressure

The pressure of the unit is efficient. It operates at a pressure rating of up to 130.5 PSI. This means that you will enjoy a gentle stream of water when cleaning or watering plants.


There are several things that come with this unit. There are the 4.5-gallon water tank, continuous spray gun, 12V car power cord, 19.6-foot flexible hose and a manual with detailed information.

5. Ivation Multipurpose Portable Spray Washer

Ivation Multipurpose Portable Spray Washer

Lastly, the ivation portable pressure washer Multipurpose Portable Spray Washer is another great portable water pressure system that you can take with you wherever that you go.

It is highly portable and lightweight hence making it easy for you to carry on the back of the car without any problems.

Gentle Pressure

The water pressure is gentle, and this makes it perfect for cleaning even pets. The maximum operating pressure of the unit is 130.5 pounds per square inch.

Tank Capacity

Just like other common tanks, this model also comes with a 4.5-gallon reservoir water capacity. This is enough water that can help you do a variety of cleaning jobs.

Durable Flexible Hose

It comes with a 19.6-foot flexible hose that is built to last. It doesn't matter how often you use your pressure washer; it will always guarantee you with durability.

Final Verdict

Having a portable pressure washing system provides you with many advantages. The units reviewed above are extremely lightweight hence very ideal for travelers.

You just need to fit them at the back of your car, and you can be sure of effective cleaning outdoors. The portable pressure washers also come with cleaning accessories which make your work pretty easier.